Big Mad Winning Contest — Bring Your Dream BMW Home!

James Anders
4 min readSep 20, 2022

Initially, when NFTs came, there were people who criticized them as a bubble that would burst anytime. But on the other hand, NFTs burst this comment later when it started to come out with utilities. People started to enjoy buying NFTs, not just for their exclusivity but also for the perks they come with. If I tell you there is a utility-based NFT collection on buying which can also bring you exclusive rewards right from BMW bike, iPhone 14 to smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers?

Yeah! You heard it right, it is happening, and it is absolutely legit. The utility of the NFT will astound you that your pockets will always be full! Enough of the suspense; here is something that you should know before it is too late! The Big Mad Winning Contest it is! Form the first ever play to earn Cricket NFT marketplace!

The big game with mad earnings! launched the world’s first P2E cricket NFTs for the first ever NFT cricket game- Meta Cricket League. Ever since the game got out, the response it got from the cricket fans was massive.

The game is itself massive, and its first-ever finale of the first tournament series got sponsored by Flipkart. The prize pool announced by Flipkart was a whopping 10,000 USDT. What can get better than this?

With daily tournament matches, it is making people earn a passive income, and all they have to do is to play cricket. Interesting right? The game has been doing just fine ever since it came out, and the NFTs are doing even better. The collection of 55,000 NFTs was all sold out in stupefying 9 minutes. Not to mention how fast the trades were as soon as the marketplace hit after the drop.

Okay, the trades, marketplace, the 9 minutes, all fine. How valuable are the NFTs with respect to the utility it holds?

Well, you know how popular are these Play to earn games. They are not just for fun or the function; they are also for the finance they provide you along with it. So owning NFTs from gaming marketplace will not only give you the joy of playing cricket but also help you keep your pockets filled throughout.

The Big Hit!

Is it good to go if you own 2 NFTs to play the game? Of course, yes! You will have to own 1 batsman and 1 bowler to play the game(Psss.. Psss, that’s what you need to win a BMW or iPhone 14 or any of the rewards from the Big Mad winning contest as well).

Yet you can strengthen your teams with more than 1 bowler or a signed NFT bat to score better as well. You hit, you score, and you earn. Every time you hit the ball, you score runs, and for every score, you get JT points. You can use these JT points to upgrade your NFTs or earn equivalent USDT for it. So basically, it is Hit and earn!

Enough already. Can you tell me what’s this Big Mad contest thing?

The Big Mad Winnings!

Here you go! As you’ve read already, you just have to buy 2 NFTs from NFT marketplace during the contest period. You have to buy 1 batsman and 1 bowler NFT.

The contest duration is from 14th Sept 2022, 6.00 Pm IST, to 14th October, 5.59 Pm IST.

Well, is that all? No! You have more…

It’s not the rules; it’s the list of exclusivities you will receive from the contest.

Listing you everything that you get from the Big Mad Winning Contest!

1. BMW G 310 R Bike

2. Apple iPhone 14

3. Sony Playstation 5

4. Asus TUF A17 laptop

5. Xbox Series S

6. Fitbit inspire 2 band

7. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

8. Samsung Tab A8

9. Nothing Phone (1)

10. One plus Z2 BT earbuds

11. Oneplus Y series 43-inch TV

12. JBL Go 2 BT

13. Boat Airdopes 121 V2

And you can’t say anything in the list that makes you want them more.

Isn’t this big and mad? And when these exclusive perks come to you, along with the popular digital asset along with your favorite gaming utility, what more can you ask for?

Still, scrolling through?

Stop wasting time, and check out the details of the Big Mad Winning Contest in the official site and explore the marketplace as well. Get to own a batsman and a bowler of any category and make yourself eligible to enter the contest!



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